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Welcome to North East Housing Initiative NEHI

NEHI is a non-profit [501(c)(3)] community land trust dedicated to providing permanently affordable shared equity housing in North East Baltimore. It is an outgrowth of St. Anthony™s Community Advocacy committee that expanded into a religiously, racially, and economically diverse group of North East Baltimore residents.

NEHI helped to launch and support the city-wide 20/20 campaign to finance permanently affordable housing, and has educated state and city legislators about the social and fiscal, benefits and functions of community land trust organizations.

NEHI™s goal is to transform vacant, abandoned, and foreclosed properties into permanently affordable homes for people with an AMI of 80% and below, while providing training and employment opportunities, leadership development, increasing economic self-sufficiency, lifting people out of poverty, thus building a community that is sustainable, inclusive and diverse. (Other housing organizations assist people with incomes of at least 80% of AMI.)

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